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Crystal political party

Union is called in this context as a political party. Crystal political party has been founded to help progress of both citizen and government interest and welfare. Crystal political party beliefs in higher awareness, which perceives human being unique, sentient individual and as a part of universal entity. Crystal political party works toward enhancing free will and realization of self-determination.

The purpose of the party is a public promotion of equality of every citizen and respect for human dignity. No one should be discriminated against on age, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, language, religion, political or spiritual values, opinion, health, disability or other personal characteristics.


The party’s name and logo
Crystal party wants to do politics with a pure heart and with an open mind. The name of the party, word crystal, illustrates our features: clean, bright and transparent. Logo was incorporated into the Crystal clarity and heart, which tell the strength and remind all of us to work through the heart. If this is not done, the crystal brightness darkens and it can break.


Individual freedom
Crystal political party relies on the individual’s freedom, when the individual has the freedom to act at will as long as he does not violate others’ freedom. An important guiding principle is that the party members do not participate in the wrath writings and speeches, because hatred only spreads hatred.


The keys to change
The party’s view is that positive change is formed from individual level, in which case the individual’s self-worth and respect wakes up the desire to strive the best for itself. In this way he will not let himself be treated badly, and does not want either self-treat others badly.

The more people feel that they can contribute to an improvement to the quality of life by taking responsibility for themselves and their lives, growing awareness and desire to change the world around us supports this process. In society, this should be visible instead of from the outside steered conception of the individual into inside steered.


Conceptions steering the party’s activity
• forward-looking work done to enhance world peace, tolerance towards other people and non-violence
• promotion of gender equality and human rights
• environmental and nature conservation issues made into account in the decision making, as well as the environment-friendly energy policies that promote social responsibility in the industry
• support and development of employment
• keeping accommodation and living expenses in humane level
• a new generation of innovative thinking to increase the production of services
• empowering people to reinforce the ability to make changes


Development of health and welfare

• increase public health and individual well-being both business and private life
• promotion of basic health care and alternative treatments integration, where each citizen has the right to choose the appropriate type of treatment regardless of wealth
• increasing awareness of the different health care options for citizens, as well as those working in the health care sector
• transition from symptom treated health care into overall health care treatment
• transition from economic focused general nutritional recommendations into a promotion of cleaner and organic food production
• reinforcing objective supervision of pharmaceutical industry
• promoting progress of organic treatments and medicine research
• supporting social and health care services without competitive bidding sanction
• development of preventive work in community care to save costs


Creating choices by building bridges
Crystal political party is creating a new perspective by building bridges between citizen and government. The party’s view is that Finland needs alongside of traditional Western medicine natural treatment options and organic medicines, as in many other European countries already have been consistent practice.

Many citizens are frustrated because they have been bounced year after year in primary health care system, merely focusing only on the symptoms of the disease without having had to try to become familiar with the reasons why they are sick. Many Finns have found assistance from alternative therapies and natural medicine. Their quality of life and health has improved dramatically. They want to share their knowledge and expand people’s awareness that there is not just one truth when it comes to improving the welfare of health care.

Also many health care professionals are frustrated with their profession, because patients are being treated based only on their symptoms. They would like do their work more comprehensive and guide patients to find other treatment options when Western medicine turns out to be inadequate.

Crystal political party thinks that plenty of health care costs could be saved if there is a shift from symptom based treatment into the patient’s overall treatment in addition taking alongside among other things, functional medicine doctrines. Increase of well being has a positive impact by decreasing the social welfare expenditure.


One of the most important component for Crystal political party is the charity work. The purpose is to collect contributions to charity that promotes and improves the welfare of citizens. The current charity target is always decided separately in the party government.

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